One day trip pricelist

One day trips

RouteKmHourCanoeRaft max 6 peopleRaft max 9 peopleKm
T1 - Český Krumlov - City cruise41-2390,-330,- 330,-T1
T2 - Český Krumlov - Zlatá Koruna164-6600,-490,-490,-T2
T3 - Český Krumlov - Boršov368-10900,-700,-700,-T3
T4 - Vyšší Brod - Český Krumlov378-10900,-700,-700,-T4
T5 - Rožmberk - Český Krumlov287-9800,-550,-550,-T5
T6 - Zátoň - Český Krumlov164-6600,-490,-490,-T6
T7 - Větřní - Český Krumlov92-3500,-450,-450,-T7
T8 - Větřní - Zlatá Koruna206-8800,-600,-600,-T8
T9 - Český Krumlov - kemp U Kelta276-8900,-700,-700,-T9

Transport of people, rafts or boats, and all needed equipment is included in price for one day trips.

Price is calculated per person.

Send us your request (non-binding order) and we will send you the exact calculation as soon as possible.

The minimum charged number of people for one day trips is:

  4 people on a raft for up to 6 people

  5 people on a raft for up to 9 people