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One day trip

Ona day trips on the Vltava River we provide from Vyšší Brod to Boršov n. Vltavou. Choose your trip from our offer according your requirements.

A one day trip – it usually goes from the higher part of the river between Vyšší Brod and Boršov nad Vltavou. Our rental has its basics in Český Krumlov, which lies approximately on the half way of this part, this brings many benefits and this location is also ideal for distribution of the routes in the following way:

  • the routes that begin at the beginning of Český Krumlov (T1,T2 and T3)
  • the routes that end at the end of Český Krumlov (T4,T5,T6 and T7)
  • a route that begins above Český Krumlov and ends at its bottom (T1+T7=T8)

The routes T1, T2 and T3 start at our base Havana (street Pod Svatým duchem 135 – the beginning of Český Krumlov) with permanent staff and they are ideal for families and groups, that prefer the trip to start according to their time options.

For routes T4, T5, T6, T7 and T8, there is necessary to coordinate the time of picking up and transportation to the routes in a way, when it is possible to check in each participant. We depart from our base Rozsyp u Trojice – to where you can come by car and also let it park there for free, and where the trip destination usually is. Or, it is possible to pick you up somewhere in Český Krumlov after an agreement and when the trip finishes, we bring you from our base back to the specific place in the town.